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10 June | 3:52pm

Nori: Looks like we’re outta here. Laura…about earlier when I got all mean girl on you.. I’m sorry. After what you did, sticking up for us… Well, I’m glad you’re back with us, so I can make it up to you.
Laura: Thank you. But I am not “back with you” I am staying here.
Sooraya: Are you sure? If this is about… the things we said…
Laura: It is not, Dust.
Nori: Won’t the Avengers be mad at you for taking our side?
Jenny: No more than they will at us. We’re the bad kids. They expect this kind of thing.
Sooraya: I…may I ask why?
Laura: (to Jeanne) When I was uncertain what to do, you helped me decide. You did not attempt to push me in any direction. You simply provided what I needed. Expecting nothing in return. It was…nice.
Sooraya: All right, then. But know that if you  ever need us, we are here. Y’know assuming the world doesn’t end.
Nori: Okay take us out, Pixie.

Avengers Academy #31 by Christos Gage & Tom Grummett

ahhh! Laura SMILES are always the best! And she’s smiling because of Jeanne! I love seeing their friendship grow more every issue. They are just so becoming total girlfriends! 

And I also like that last issue Jenny apologized to Laura, and now the air is clear between Laura and Nori too! 

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